A pink shop with pink motorcycles

Who we are

We are a group of friends with a common passion about motorcycle touring. We are all from the same little town, where we had our childhood adventures, many times riding our 50cc mopeds. From that point, our friendship grew along our motorcycle’s engines.

Touring is what makes our clocks tick, and we would love to pass this experience to you and your friends.

How it started

PinkMyBike was born in 2022 as a result of a cross-country tour in big touring bikes across Portugal. During this trip we realized that the motorcycle adventure market is centralized in large engine motorcycles, excluding many people from this lifetime experience. "There must be a better way" was the phrase that started PinkMyBike!

PinkMyBike offers amazing tours with a low bar entry-level. Our nimble and easy to ride motorcycles will take you to places that others can’t.

We settled on unassuming bikes that promote interaction with the locals. We wanted to make the motorcycles pink as the color seems to trigger smiles and helps consolidate a memorable experience for those involved (thanks to Divaga Design who helped bring such a wacky concept into the most beautiful bikes ever).

We believe there are other people like us, who don't need massive touring motorcycles to have lots of fun and believe motorcycling is much more than driving a motorcycle.

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RNAAT n. 964/2022

Rua do Paço, nº12

5300 - Bragança, Portugal

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