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We provide multi-day tours with accommodation included! Experience authentic Portugal, we guarantee you'll love it!

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300 sunny days per year!

When it comes to the weather, Portugal can brag about it. One of the warmest countries in Europe with mild temperatures all year round, the country is said to have over 300 days of sunshine a year! Google it!!!!

Vacations to remember

Bring something back from your vacations! Escape the crowded places and experience an authentic and unique way to have vacations. Bring friends and share memories that will last a lifetime.

Custom tours showcase the best!

Leave the hard work to us! We hand-picked the best roads, landmarks and made tours around these. Interact with the locals, engage in cultural experiences and meet new people!


"Fantastic break in Portugal. This has to be the best trip ive ever been on with two of my mates, the roads are unreal and the people so friendly! Cant wait to return next year and do it all again!"

Luke B

"An amazing adventure. What a fantastic few days. Myself and 2 friends done a 3 day tour on these cool little bikes. They handled it perfectly and it is one of the best trips I have been on. Amazing scenery, roads and people. Don't hesitate, book a trip now, you will not regret it!"

Paul C

"Great people, great bikes! A nice way to discover the Montesinho Natural Park and Bragança surroundings! Great team, extremely kind and very helpful with the logistics need for a couple of days! Strongly recommended!"


"Best way to see Portugal. Great little motor bikes, superb tours, see the best keep secret places to visit without busy roads steeped in history and the friendliest people ever."

Barrie D

"I have just been on a PinkMyBike tour and it was amazing. I had so much fun thank you for all the hard work the team put in. I’ll be back soon. 👍"


PinkMyBike Stories

"Caretos de Podence"- Authentic experiences

"Caretos de Podence"- Authentic experiences

Caretos de Podence: colorful masks, woolen suits, bells and fun. A traditional carnival in Trás-os-Montes. Come and join the party!

Connected to nature, truly wireless happiness!

Connected to nature, truly wireless happiness!

Maybe happiness is this: to not feel like you should be some other place, doing some other thing or being someone else.

Vinhais- Natural Beauty

Vinhais- Natural Beauty

See why Vinhais is getting noticed in the motorcycle scene (and why you should visit).

5 Reasons why Bragança is a great city to discover by Motorcycle

5 Reasons why Bragança is a great city to discover by Motorcycle

Want to discover Bragança in the north of Portugal at your pace, in style and having fun? Motorcycle might be the answer! This region loves (and is loved by) motorcyclists.

Bragança has a new bicycle green lane available!

Bragança has a new bicycle green lane available!

We decided to try the new bicycle green lane that is replacing the old train tracks in Braganca. The old "Linha do Tua" gives way to bicycles!

Patrícia and João experienced a motorcycle tour like no other

Patrícia and João experienced a motorcycle tour like no other

Here's what the owners of the Quilometro Infinito motoblog had to say about their 3 day tour with PinkMyBike


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