"Caretos de Podence"- Authentic experiences

Caretos de Podence: colorful masks, woolen suits, bells and fun. A traditional carnival in Trás-os-Montes. Come and join the party!

"Caretos de Podence"- Authentic experiences

Carnival is the time for fun!

Who said traditions are boring?

Ever thought about letting loose the devil in you and play pranks on neighbors and friends under the anonymity of a mask? If so, keep reading...

Why is this the authentic cultural experience?

Carnival in Trás-os-Montes Portugal is so authentic because it preserves ancient traditions that date back to Celtic times. 

The caretos are masked men who wear colorful costumes and bells, and chase single girls in the streets. 

They are the protagonists of the Winter Festivals, which happen between Christmas and Carnival. 

The most famous carnival is held in Podence, a village near Macedo de Cavaleiros, where you can also visit a museum dedicated to the caretos.

It’s a unique and lively celebration of culture and folklore!

How to get there?

Going to Podence by motorbike to see the caretos is a great way to get to know this area because you can:

  • Have fun on board of the best motorcycle there is. You'll blend right in: colorful and fun!

  • Enjoy the rural landscape and the Azibo reservoir on the way.

  • Participate in the traditional carnival and entrudo of Trás-os-Montes.

  • Make a careto mask at the craft center.

  • Visit the Casa do Careto and the Traditional Market.

  • See the parades of the caretos and facanitos (the little ones) on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon .

The caretos are devilish figures who wear colorful masks, woolen suits and bells around their waist. They run through the streets of the village scaring people, especially single girls. It’s a very fun and lively party!


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