The doors of northern Portugal

Portugal is known for many things, we took our motorcycles and explored one of the least known: the doors!

The doors of northern Portugal

On a typical sunny day, while riding a motorcycle as nice as ours, it is sometimes easy to overlook our immediate surroundings. Mundane things such as walls, doors, sidewalks often go unnoticed.

While planning one of our trips we started to focus on a very specific thing:

The Doors of northern Portugal

Disclaimer: none of us is a qualified architect, but we do love motorcycles and the amazing places they get us to visit.

The northern part of Portugal is a place of a fine blend of Past, Present and Future. While the cities hold most of the present and future life, the rural areas definitely keep the past in a pristine and untouched state.

Rural doors

Doors in rural areas are simple (as most rural things are) but beautiful. Their goal is to define a boundary between public and private. Sometimes this boundary is refined, colored and well-secured:

And sometimes it can be unmaintained, uncolored and not-so-secure:

But it still defines a boundary.

We hope you'll pay attention to such small things . Although our guides are very thorough, little pearls like these won't be mentioned on them ;)


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