Want to roam? No problem!


Want to ride by yourself or just get somewhere? That can be arranged too!

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At PinkMyBike we put most of our efforts into the touring experience through beautiful custom routes, but we know our motorcycles are great to ride. If you just want a motorcycle that gets you reliably from A to Z in style, while providing the best smile per mile, look no further!

Safe from everything

At PinkMyBike we understand that your focus should only be with you and your surroundings. You'll be totally insured and with 24/7 road side assistance you can focus on the most important part: the ride!

No hidden costs

Our motorcycles have no kilometer limits: Ride as much as your heart desires! Helmets and communication devices are always included and do not cost extra!

Free luggage storage

Decided to rent and have too much stuff on you? No Problem! We provide safe and free luggage storage at our facilities. Ride without worrying about your luggage as it will be safely waiting for your return!
A pink shop with pink motorcycles

Rentals- General Information

PinkMyBike rents motorcycles by full rental days. It is recommended to pickup the motorcycle in the morning, as pickups made in the afternoon still count as a full rental day. Rest assured, you'll still be picking up the best motorcycles available at the best price!

When you rent from us you can expect a motorcycle delivered in impeccable condition, with a full tank and well-maintained. All provided equipment (helmet and communication devices) will be found in perfect conditions, providing the experience you expect and deserve from a PinkMyBike rental. Twist the wrist and go!

Pickups/drop offs are arranged at our store (Google Maps link) where you can expect a warm welcome and helpful people to assist you in every need.

Expect a small briefing on the motorcycle and its characteristics. These tips will help you get the most out of your rental.


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Rua do Paço, nº12

5300 - Bragança, Portugal

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