Live interview with Morgana

We did a live interview which was streamed across different streaming platforms where we shared our views on Motorcycling Renting and Tours in Portugal. Discover how PinkMyBike started, what is our vision and the faces behind the concept!

Live interview with Morgana

For those unfamiliar with Morgana, she is an authority in the motorcycle Vlogging scene in Portugal. She conducts interviews with other riders, mostly women, where she has a casual conversation that lightens the mood of all us riders that, for some reason, can't go motorcycling on a friday night.

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By the end of 2022 we received a message from Morgana, where she mentioned that she saw our company online, it sounded like a cool idea and invited us for a talk. By the time we got the message we were really excited because it meant that our idea was reaching other people quite fast, thanks to the power of the internets.

Time passed quickly as we were quite busy with our trip towards the Pinguinos motorcycle festival in neighbouring Spain. The day finally arrives and we try our best to hide our anxiety.

Being on a show that is being broadcasted for anyone who has an internet connection is a pretty weird feeling. Morgana quickly shows why she is such a reference interviewing people and we feel quite comfortable after a few seconds.

The topics discussed flew by effortlessly. As most of the topics involve experiences shared by us, it is impossible to hide the smile caused by recalling those memories. Some of the topics discussed included:

By the time the interview ended we had stretched over 2 hours and 40 minutes. It really flew by for us.

Although the interviews are in Portuguese, we still share some cool pictures and the close caption does a very rough translation of what is being said.

If you just want a link to the full interview you can find it here

Check out Morgana's facebook page (morgana.rider) and YouTube channel (@MorganaRider). You can also find her on Instagram (morgana.rider).

Thank you again Morgana, it was a pleasure and we hope we cross ways on our roads again ;-)


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